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Content is king, and the best way to build content that search engines love is by creating sharable, informative blog posts within a niche on a regular basis. We can create original blog posts to build your online authority, providing your marketing channels from social sharing to newsletters with high quality content.

Creating blog content that is both useful and relevant to your niche audience is helpful for building engagement with potential customers, and making sure they think of you when they are ready to buy. It also proves to Google that you are an authority within your niche. As a result, your position in search results will improve and you will see a significant boost in your website traffic over time.

Writing a blog post now and again can only do so much for your SEO. You need to have a complete Blog SEO Strategy in place as this is an essential component of content marketing for our SEO Packages.

Blog SEO Strategies

  •  Quality Content

The focus of search engines is increasingly on content. We can help you to create original content that is both targeted towards your reader and that makes search engines happy. We will identify points of difference in order to make your blog content stand out from your competitors, enabling you to gain an important competitive advantage.

  •  Blog Optimisation

Blog content can only be useful if readers are paying attention to your posts. We will form a strategy for blog optimisation that includes optimising for social media sharing, optimising your comments system for maximum engagement, and improving navigation and searchability with blog categories.

  •  RSS Feed & Blog Directories

An RSS feed notifies subscribers every time you publish a new blog post. Don’t have an RSS feed? We’ll create an optimised RSS Feed for your blog. RSS feed distribution to the top blog directories (Think Technorati) will get extra exposure for your feed and get more subscribers to your blog. This is best done once your blog is established.

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Chris Finnegan, founder of SEO Copilot has been involved in the SEO industry since 2007.  As a systems engineer turned local marketing expert Chris combines the technical aspects of search engine optimisation with local marketing strategies to grow your website leads and sales.

A ‘nature geek’ Chris can be found gardening and bushwalking when away from the desk.

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