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Marketing Plumbing SEO

If you’re reading this you obviously realise the importance of marketing for plumbers. Many plumbers have tried traditional marketing like newspaper advertisements, which can feel like your wallet is leaking and little else. That’s because in 2016  you need to be where your customers are looking, and times have changed.

To find a plumber, people used to check the phone book or ask a friend – these days especially in an emergency people simply pull out their phone and search for a plumber on Google. To be the one they find you’ll need to include plumber SEO or search engine optimisation in your marketing.

But how do you implement SEO for plumbing? In this digital marketing guide we’ll give you a rundown of marketing for plumbers and how you can use these tips to help grow your business (with examples). We’ll cover:

  • Digital marketing for plumbers. Does it work?
  • The 3 ways to get on the first page of Google
  • The top 15 plumbing keywords
  • Website optimisation for plumbers
  • Example meta title and description tags
  • Content writing for plumbing websites
  • Essential website pages
  • Linkbuilding for plumbers
  • Social media for plumbers

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