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Niche search engine optimisation targets a specific sub-set of a larger market.  Any business or website should identify their niche and develop a targeted strategy in order to truly optimise their website traffic and sales.

The key to niche SEO  is to identify the needs of your target audience. Once this is established, creating relevant website content while developing niche backlinks from industry websites will build your niche authority.

Links from websites that relate directly to your website content are essentially “votes” which emphasis your niche to search engines.  These links will also provide targeted referral traffic from people interested in your niche and who have the potential to become paying customers.

We use Niche SEO strategies as part of targeted SEO packages to interact with relevant websites in your industry, improving your niche authority and boosting your website traffic.

Niche SEO Strategies

  • Blog commenting

We discover the most popular and authoritative blogs in your niche and their most high performing posts. We can then leave useful comments which send a backlink  to your website, or we can send you a list of posts if you would prefer to comment yourself.

  • Niche Forums

Forums are useful online destinations for people to discuss their niche interests. We identify online forums that are relevant to your particular niche and assist you to create accounts and setup backlinks in signatures.

  • Niche Directories

Industry related directories accept listings from only relevant businesses, and often blog about the industry. This makes them a targeted source of referral traffic as well as a clear signal to Google if yours is one of the businesses listed.

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