Construction Marketing 2020: How SEO Helps You Succeed
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The best builders aren’t always the most successful. Whether you’ve started your own construction company or are running a family business, there is one common challenge. No matter how good a builder you are, your business success relies on investing in the best techniques for construction marketing.

What are your builders marketing strategy? Most builders rely on word of mouth or use outdated print and brochure marketing methods. Now don’t get me wrong. Keeping customers happy and asking for referrals is important, but it’s not a marketing strategy that’s going to consistently grow your business.

In this digital marketing guide, I answer the most common construction marketing questions and share SEO tips for construction company (with examples).

  • Digital marketing for builders. Does it work?
  • The 3 ways to get on the first page of Google
  • The top 12 builders keywords
  • Website optimisation for construction company
  • Content writing for builders websites
  • Linkbuilding for construction companies
  • Social media for builders

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Digital marketing for builders. Does it work?

The days of flipping through the Yellow pages are well behind us. If you still use these kinds of marketing services you’re probably here because it’s no longer working for your business. In fact, there is an entire generation that has grown up with the internet, and probably wouldn’t know what the yellow pages are!

Local search engine optimisation


The fact is 4 in 5 consumers conduct local searches from mobile mechanics to battery replacement. And in Australia, 93% of people use Google as the search engine of choice to find the products, information and construction services they need.

How do I get on the first page of Google?

There are three ways your construction company can appear on the first page of Google.

First page of Google


Paid listings.  The paid section of the search results is based on a bidding system called Google Adwords. The order in which the advertisers are displayed is based on how much they are prepared to ‘pay per click’ (PPC) when the keyword they bid on is searched. So there is no monthly fee for appearing, you pay when someone clicks on your link.

PPC is a good way to market your business, but it should be thought of as a short term solution, as some construction keywords can cost as much as $9.11 per click which gets expensive quickly.

Google maps. The three map listings are very important for builders and local businesses, as they appear anytime Google thinks local results are most relevant. Google knows someone searching for ‘construction + your city’ are looking for local construction companies in their area, and shows the map listings accordingly.

You must submit your builders business information on “Google My Business” to be able to appear in Google maps. Unlike paid ads, the map listings are ‘organic’ meaning websites are placed according to Google’s search algorithm.

Organic listings. The websites you see in the organic listings (and maps) are there because Google believes they are the best quality and most relevant to the search intent. The process of earning your place in Google’s organic and map listings is called Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO.

Construction SEO is a medium – long term investment, once you earn a place in Google’s search results there is no cost per click to stay there.

Where do people click? Paid listings attract around 30% of the clicks with the other 70% going to map and organic listings. So the next question for construction marketing is…

What are the top builders keywords?

Understanding what potential builders clients are searching for is a key part of any construction SEO or digital marketing strategy. Below is a list of the most important keywords that you need to be targeting in a construction SEO campaign (from highest to lowest search volume).

  • builders (your city)
  • construction (your city)
  • construction company (your city)
  • construction companies (your city)
  • home extension (your city)
  • building permits
  • house cladding
  • construction company in (your city)
  • builders in (your city)
  • home extension cost
  • home extension designs
  • (your city) construction companies
  • (your city) builders

To rank for these keywords you need to use them naturally in all areas of digital marketing & SEO.

Where do you rank right now?

Go to Google now and search, “builders (your city)” or, “construction company (your city)”. In fact, your website browser will remember the websites you visit most frequently and show them higher in search results, so to see what other people might see use an online tool to find your real ranking. If you don’t see your website listed on the first page, you’re losing business to other companies who have realised the value of digital marketing forconstruction companies.


Builders Save $300 & Get More Leads!

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Our construction marketing strategy

Unlike Adwords, a top spot on Google’s map and organic listings can’t be bought. It needs to be earned through search engine optimisation, or SEO. Any builders marketing needs to have a local SEO focus, to maximise exposure in your service area. The key parts of our SEO strategy for builders are:

  1. Optimising your website so it’s easy for Google to find and understand.
  2. Creating website content that explains your services, informs and inspires potential clients.
  3. Building quality links to your website that boosts your authority.
  4. Generating social buzz – After all how good can a website be if no one is sharing it?

Let’s look in more detail and give you some actionable builders services marketing tips.

Website SEO for construction companies

Optimising your website for Google can help then find, understand and better rank your website. It’s a good idea to do an SEO audit of your website, but a few simple optimisations will have an impact.

  1. Make sure your website is indexed by Google. Search for “” If no results appear, or your homepage doesn’t appear first there is a serious issue!
  2. Is your business address on your website? To attract local rankings and construction clients make sure to mention your location and service area on your home page.
  3. Write SEO optimised meta tags for your home page. The meta title and meta description are important because they influence how you appear in search results. They should include some of the local construction company keywords we looked at earlier and your main services.
    construction meta Here’s the example meta tags if you want to copy and edit them for your website:
    Meta Title: Building Designers Melbourne – XYZ Construction
    Meta Description: Our building designers in Melbourne provide the drafting design services for home extensions, renovations and new homes.
  4. Make sure your website is mobile responsive, Google uses this as a ranking factor and has created a free mobile friendly checker.
  5. Nobody wants to wait for a website to load (including Google) so go and check your website speed here. Make sure your website is faster than your competitors for another ranking advantage.

Copywriting for builders

Most average construction websites consist of just a handful of pages, home, services, gallery, contact, and maybe an about us page. Show Google you deserve to be ranked ahead of your competition by creating pages with the information people are looking for. Here’s the three types of website copywriting that will help you do just that.

Create individual builder services pages for each of the types of construction you offer. With a targeted webpage, you are more relevant and likely to appear in search when someone is looking for these specific services. For example:

  • Home Extension
  • Verandah
  • Pergola
  • Alfresco
  • Decking

Having a visually appealing gallery to showcase your work is essential, but you need more than images to convince visitors and Google of your expertise. Regularly creating builders articles and tips in a blog builds your authority in the construction niche, and has other benefits (which I’ll get to).

If people in your area are researching “LED vs Halogen Headlights” or “How To Choose The Best Car Tyres” they are only going to find you if you’ve written about it. And guess what? If they decide to get some professional help who are they going to call?

Build local landing pages for your most important suburbs. Don’t go overboard here, stick to the closest 3-6 suburbs. Each page should be as unique as possible, include images and testimonials from jobs in each suburb.

Linkbuilding for construction companies

Links to your website an important signal Google uses to judge how to place you in search results. When another website links to yours it’s kind of like a vote for you and your business. Quality comes before quantity, so when you see those spammy emails promising hundreds or thousands of links, don’t be sucked in. That kind of low-quality high scale linkbuilding will only harm your website.

If your website content is awesome enough people will naturally link to it, but it pays to be pro-active. The best place to start is with the these Australian local directories. Look for opportunities from other trade websites as well, such as builders’ blogs and forums, construction supplier websites, and construction associations.

People look for and trust online reviews, so make sure you ask your clients to leave reviews on your Google map listing, and other directories. Proactively building a 5-star online reputation will mean more clicks from search results.

Social media for builders

With 14 million Australians on Facebook for an average 50mins every day, using a Facebook business page is a great way to stay ‘top of mind’. Remember we talked about starting a blog? This sort of informative, entertaining or inspiring content is perfect for building your social media following! Mix it in with photos from current jobs, client testimonials, and sharing content from other construction and trades websites.

The quickest way to turn people off your posts is to overdo the sales pitch. Keep your posts 90% informative and 10% sales to be well received.

Digital marketing for construction companies: conclusion

Can digital marketing and SEO for builders grow a business? Absolutely! It’s working for your competitors right now. Following the construction SEO tips in this guide will set you on the path to growing business profits.

Need help marketing your construction business? Have construction SEO questions? Get in touch and outrank your competitors!

Builders Save $300 & Get More Leads!

(Contact us for the promotion code, construction businesses only)

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