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The best mechanics aren’t always the most successful. Whether you’ve started your own auto workshop or are running a family business, there is one common challenge. No matter how good a mechanic you are, your business success relies on investing in the best techniques for auto mechanic marketing.

What is your auto mechanic marketing strategy? Most auto mechanics rely on word of mouth, or use outdated print and brochure marketing methods. Now don’t get me wrong. Keeping customers happy and asking for referrals is important, but it’s not a marketing strategy that’s going to consistently grow your business.

In this digital marketing guide I answer the most common automotive services marketing questions and share SEO tips for mechanic workshops (with examples).

  • Digital marketing for auto mechanics. Does it work?
  • The 3 ways to get on the first page of Google
  • The top 12 auto mechanic keywords
  • Website optimisation for auto mechanics
  • Content writing for auto services websites
  • Linkbuilding for auto mechanics
  • Social media for auto mechanics

These tips and techniques will benefit all local services especially related businesses from mobile auto electricians to smash repairs.

Need help marketing your auto services business? Have auto services SEO questions? Get in touch and outrank your competitors!

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